Rule of Three Review: Winter 2020 Anime Digest

2020 hits the ground running.

Maple gleefully gets a piggyback ride from Sally as she dashes through a sunny field

The AniFem team got together to check in with a whole parade of new shows, many quite charming and a few, er… not so much. I chimed in as well, mostly to gush about some sweet, chill comedies that are just what the doctor ordered.

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Panning the Stream: Winter 2020 Premiere Digest

Winter snows, meet winter shows.

Yashiro clenches her fists together and sparkles happily. Hanako watches with a small smile in the background.

While I didn’t write any premieres this season, I did watch far too many of them—and enjoyed quite a lot of them, too. Read on for my own brief first impressions, and if you’re curious to learn more, click the show’s title for a detailed review from one of my AniFem teammates.

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