Josei [jo-say]
A young woman.

The Josei Next Door
A geek gal who loves to watch anime as much as she loves to share it with others. Who has spent the last decade introducing her friends to new titles and series, turning newbies into casual viewers and casual viewers into fans. Who thinks there is an anime for every person (and a person for every anime), and who knows it’s never too late to fall into a fandom.

Hello and welcome to The Josei Next Door! I’m your friendly neighborhood blogger, Dee.

In case that little introductory paragraph didn’t give it away, I’m a longtime fan of anime, and I’m devoted to sharing the medium with others. Anime is full of worlds and characters strange and familiar, simple and deep, brilliant and hilarious and beautiful and sad, and if you like a good story then you’re guaranteed to find ones that speak to you.

The only thing is… there’s a lot of them. I mean, a whole lot of them. Especially nowadays, when literally hundreds of streaming shows are available at the poke of a touchscreen.

And all those choices can make finding a new series pretty overwhelming. It starts to seem a whole lot easier to just hop over to Netflix and rewatch Buffy for the sixth time…

No! Wait! Don’t give up yet! Whether you’re an anime newbie, a casual viewer, or a hardcore otaku, the Josei Next Door is here to help you sift through those muddy streams until you strike gold!

And, because I do want this to be a place for future fans as much as veteran ones, in addition to offering reviews, recommendations, and the occasional fangirlin’, I’ll also spend some time talking about the medium itself, discussing terms and tropes, cultural tidbits, and maybe sharing some personal history along the way.

I’m more than happy to field questions as well. It’s Anime 101, and you don’t even have to pay tuition!

So get comfy. Click that Follow button. And don’t worry about getting shut out of the party. You’re hangin’ with the Josei Next Door. And my house is always open.