hxh - readingLooking for an opinion on a recently aired series? Then you’ve come to the right place! My collection is small but growing a little more each season, and I do my best to keep them all spoiler-free (or warn you if they aren’t), so feel free to use these as a way to find new series or see if a show might be right for you.

Panning the Stream: Season Review Schedule

My reviews come in all shapes and sizes, depending on the time of the season and my interest in the show.

  • Premieres: I used to watch and provide at least a short blurb for every show airing each season. These days, I help Anime Feminist write full-length reviews for every show, and provide a digest with links here on JND.
  • Rule of Three Reviews: A three-episode check-in to see how the promising premieres have held up. As with the premieres, I now team up with the rest of the AniFem staff to help these and share the links here.
  • Midseason Reviews (I’ve discontinued these in recent seasons, but I used to come back after 6-7 episodes to see how the series were doing)

Complete Series (or Season) Reviews

If you’re looking for an individual season or series reviews, you can find them:

I admittedly dropped off on writing standalone reviews a while back (too time-consuming), but the digests contain short write-ups for a few top series.

The Year’s Best Favs

Last but not least, every December I rank my Top 10 anime of the year and provide a little year-in-review retrospective for good measure. Of course, I haven’t had this blog for that long, so right now there’s just a few years, but it’s full of great shows and well worth a gander.