hxh - readingLooking for an opinion on a recently aired series? Then you’ve come to the right place! My collection is small but growing a little more each season, and I do my best to keep them all spoiler-free (or warn you if they aren’t), so feel free to use these as a way to find new series or see if a show might be right for you.

Panning the Stream: Season Review Schedule

My reviews come in all shapes and sizes, depending on the time of the season and my interest in the show.

  • Premieres: I watch every new, licensed anime series each season and write up a blurb about all of them. Shows that caught my eye get full meet ‘n’ greets with basic stats, synopses, and general impressions. Shows that didn’t catch my eye get a quick explanation for why I’m on the fence or won’t be back at all.
  • Rule of Three Reviews: Where I pop back in to give individual write-ups for the first three episodes of everything I’m watching.
  • Midseason Reviews: I give everything a chance to stretch its wings for 5-7 episodes before  checking back in again. Unlike the Premieres and Rule of Threes, this is just one long post with 1-3 paragraph reviews and grades for every show still on the watch list.
  • Glancing Upstream – Season Retrospectives: As the name suggests, these come at the end of the season and feature final impressions, reviews, and grades for the season. They look a lot like a Midseason Review, except they also include a Totally Arbitrary Rankings System, so everyone can shake their fists at my questionable tastes.As a bonus, shows that sparked thought, debate, or just a lot of glowing praise also get their own longer, individual reviews. I’ll post these on the blog and link to them in the season retrospective, too. And hey, speaking of those “complete” reviews…

Complete Series (or Season) Reviews

If you’re looking for individual season or series reviews, you can find them:

The Year’s Best Favs

Last but not least, every December I rank my Top 10 anime of the year and provide a little year-in-review retrospective for good measure. Of course, I haven’t had this blog for that long, so right now there’s just a few years, but it’s full of great shows and well worth a gander.