Glancing Upstream: Fall 2019 Retrospective Digest

Leave it to the last season of 2018 to keep us on our toes.

Four members of Franchouchou smash their faces up against a window, peering in

The Fall went and dropped a variety of colorful anime into our laps, with plenty of surprises along the way! I recommend a show nobody even knew I was watching, eat delicious crow over Bloom Into You, and find another excuse to shout about puppets.


Click here for the AniFem recommendations for Fall 2018! 

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Glancing Upstream: Summer 2018 Retrospective Digest

Summer series, happened so fast…

A young woman in a red jacket spreads her arms, smiling, and says "We're in a new world!"

Another quiet season marked by unevenness, but pleasant surprises and problematic faves emerged even so. Click here for the AniFem recommendations for Summer 2018!  And thank your lucky stars for shows with “light” in the name.

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Glancing Upstream: Spring 2018 Retrospective Digest

Plucking our favorite shows for the season’s bouquet!

An image from Golden Kamuy. Sugimoto and Shiraishi lie on their stomachs, admiring a golden flower poking out of the snow. They are smiling cutely.

While this season was a bit disappointing for me—a lot of shows with potential either never achieved it or actively shot themselves in the foot (‘sup, Amanchu)—I still made friends with a few series, as did the rest of the AniFem staff.

Click here for the AniFem recommendations for Spring 2018! From ragin’ red pandas to laid-back cafe boiz, there’s a show for just about every mood in this batch.

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Glancing Upstream: Winter 2018 Retrospective Digest

Oh the weather outside was frightful, but the anime was so delightful…

Two teen girls in scarves and coats look very excited. The one wearing glasses is throwing confetti; the other long-haired girl is pulling a party popper, streamers flying from it.

Another season has come to a close, and this one might have been the coziest yet. Chock full of nice kids and cute pets, Winter 2018 was a sequence of comfy campfires guaranteed to keep you warm and toasty. So let’s talk about it… er, a little. Hit the jump for a sum-up and an explanation.

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Glancing Upstream: Fall 2017 Retrospective and Review

Who doesn’t love a few surprise twists at the end?

A group of seven people - two women, a girl, and four young men - gather around an iPad that's being held out by an off-screen character. They are all wearing shocked expressions.

To say this season didn’t play out as I expected is a major understatement. Shows I was hyped about early on fizzled out at the end, series I wanted to love didn’t quite win me over, and a show that didn’t even get mentioned in my midseason review came out of nowhere to become one of my favorites of the year. And through it all, there were rocks and composers. Dear, reliable rocks and composers.

Hit the jump for fumbled passes, strong finishers, and dark horses alike.

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Glancing Upstream: Summer 2017 Retrospective and Review

Replaying the slam dunks, swishes, and bricks of summer.

Sure, we’re neck-deep in Fall premieres, but that doesn’t mean we can’t pause to say goodbye to the summer shows! If you’re wondering why this took so long to go live, blame The Reflection: I got sucked into it and decided to wait to post the retrospective until the final episode had aired.

While this was an inconsistent, up-and-down kind of season, very sparse on shows I always liked, I somehow wound up finishing a whole bunch of them. I even picked up some previous “drops” along the way, with… mixed results, we’ll say. Not a ton of wholehearted recommendations, I’m sad to say, but if you’re interested in my summer season thoughts, you can either listen to the Chatty AF summer wrap-up podcast, or hit the jump for some written mini-reviews.

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Glancing Upstream: Spring 2017 Retrospective and Review

Hot sequels, cool tutors, and. Um. Kado.

This is a sparser list than usual, jam-packed with sequels but relatively light on everything else. I took a vacation in early June where I didn’t have time to watch anime, and lemme tell ya, that week away really puts into perspective which series you’re invested in and which you’re just watching for the sake of having something on the TV. At the end of that week, three series were on the cutting-room floor, which I think is the first time my Midseason and Series Review posts have differed so dramatically.

It was the kind of season that started strong and then kind of petered out, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t some great showings along the way (mostly in the form of sequels), a hidden gem or two (mostly in the form of The Royal Tutor), and a show that just… um… what? Hit the jump to learn more about that last one, as well as overall thoughts on all the others, too.

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