Team Rocket sitting behind microphones. Jessie and James are wearing brightly colored suits, bow ties, and sunglasses. Meowth sits between them. All three are smiling cheerfully.

In addition to writing lots of words, I’ve somehow become a regular host on Chatty AF, the Anime Feminist podcast. As the number of episodes I’ve been involved in grows at a frankly alarming rate, it seemed like a good idea to compile those in one place.

The links on this page will take you directly to the AniFem post, where you can download the podcast via SoundCloud. You can also search “Chatty AF” to find us on iTunes and Stitcher. (And definitely check out the episodes without me, too! They’re also great!)

Anime Watchalongs (and Rewatchalongs)

Spoilers for the episodes under discussion, but nothing beyond that point.

Anime Retrospectives

Spoilers for the entire series/film.

Anime Season Check-ins and Wrap-ups

Discussion of shows airing during the specified season. “Check-ins” are at the mid-season; “wrap-ups” are at the end of it.

Manga Chatter

Variety Hours are more like overviews or teasers, so the spoilers are minimal. Retrospectives contain spoilers for the entire series.

Live-Action, Q&As, Etc.