orange – Episode 13 (Season Finale & Review)

Save the date.


As is tradition, I’ll be spending the first part of this post providing a spoiler-free review of the orange anime series, and then the second half chatting about the (perfect) finale itself. I’ll let you know when I’m moving into spoiler territory so anyone who hasn’t yet seen the show will know when to stop reading.

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91 Days – Episodes 10-11: “Proof of Good Faith” & “All For Nothing”

All aboard the pain train!


We’re looking down the barrel of our final episode, and as expected of a show that keeps using lines from Shakespearen tragedies as its episode titles, everything is collapsing right on schedule. Since the vacation put me a week behind, you’re getting a double whammy of commentary this week, and fresh off an Episode 10 rewatch, too! Everything is terrible! Let’s talk about it.

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orange – Episode 12

Welcome to the Darkest Timeline.


I’m back from holiday, recovering from jet lag, and coming down with (hopefully just) a cold, but I really didn’t want to try rolling two episodes and a season review into this Sunday’s post, so I managed to squeak out some belated commentary during a slow work day. Apologies if it’s not the most polished of pieces.

orange shuffles timelines a bunch this week, giving us the original past timeline from Kakeru’s perspective before shifting us back into our usual original-future and current-past timelines. As you’d expect, the world through Kakeru’s eyes is a heartbreaking one, achingly honest and really hard to watch.

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Site Update: Reader Poll & Holiday


If you’ve been reading my 91 Days or orange posts then you already know this, but I’m off for a week-long holiday in London Town! I’m taking a break from writing, too, although I do have some Tumblr reblogs scheduled every couple days to keep you lovely readers entertained.

Knowing me, I’ll also keep chatting away on Twitter, so you’re welcome to follow me there for High Quality Content and UK shenanigans.

Me and England frolicking probably

Me and England frolicking, probably.

Also, I figured I’d take this time to let everyone weigh in on a blogging question I had. Details below the jump!

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Light Novel Vs. Anime: “Baccano!” & the Art of Adaptation

From the page to the screen, Baccano! knows how to leave an impression.


Adaptin’ ain’t easy. That may be the most obvious sentence I’ve ever written, but it’s something we tend to forget when watching a favorite book or comic reimagined through TV or film. It isn’t just a matter of taking the original and adding motion, voices, and music; every element of the source material—from story arcs to character development to general tone and themes—has to be taken into account and converted to its new medium’s time restraints, structural limits, and narrative conventions.

So when I say the Baccano! anime is a stellar adaptation, I’m not saying it’s an exact replica or “better” than Ryohgo Narita’s original light novels. What I am saying is that it’s a prime example of how an anime can be faithful to the spirit of its source material while gleefully rearranging its pieces, preserving the original’s voice even as it adds its own to the chorus. When it comes to a great adaptation, sometimes what you change is just as important as what you keep.

General discussion of the Baccano! anime TV series and the first novel (1930: The Rolling Bootlegs) incoming. It helps if you’re familiar with the anime, but I’ll avoid any major spoilers.

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orange – Episode 11

Things fall apart.


With the relay race over and the gang’s bond tighter than ever, it looks like we’re safe to slip back into relaxed slice-of-life bantering and gradual romances…for all of half an episode, anyway. orange picks up the pace this week to take us from our highest crest straight into our deepest trough. For the first time, it feels like changing the future may not be a given after all.

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91 Days – Episode 9: “Black and Deep Desires”

Clock’s ticking.


For an episode that’s packed with big changes, this feels like the calm before the storm, giving our two main characters a chance to breathe, think, and chat in a way they haven’t in while. The moral ambiguity and tension are thick as ever (as 91 Days‘s beloved canted angles will attest), but there’s very much the sense that we’re moving into the final act of our bloody tale. Fitting, really, given that the Vanetti’s new playhouse is about to raise its curtains for the first time.

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