The Royal Tutor – Episode 8: “A Timid Heart”

Like Kai, there’s more to this show than meets the eye.

Last week, The Royal Tutor tackled more serious, introspective topics without quite knowing how to balance all that with its trademark cute comedy. This week it finds the balance and strikes it perfectly, telling a story that’s full of great gags (and chibis, glorious chibis!) while also finding space to talk about prejudice, social anxiety, and communication. It’s The Royal Tutor at its best, and its best is pretty darn great.

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The Royal Tutor – Episode 7: “The Whereabouts of a Dream”

Write like you’re running out of time.

At long last, an entire episode dedicated to resident puppy dog and Character I Identify Way Too Closely With: Bruno! I liked “The Whereabouts of a Dream,” but I think I liked it more in retrospect than while I was watching it. There are some great ideas about perspective and self-worth in here, the episode absolutely nails what it’s like to be a perfectionist overachiever, and its message about pursuing “unrealistic” dreams Fills Me With Determination, but the execution was just a little bit off from what I’ve come to expect.

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The Royal Tutor – Episode 6: “At Café Mitter Meyer”

Don’t worry, this java blend comes with plenty of sweetener.

As promised last week, Licht takes center stage–or does he? Thanks to a tattletale noble, our youngest prince’s solo story quickly becomes a duet, and his dad seems more than happy to steal the spotlight with some workplace antics of his own. Employers will be wooed and ladies will be dazzled. But no matter who gets the biggest tip, one thing’s for certain: The sparkling bishounen apple sure didn’t fall far from the sparkling binan tree. (And yes, now you know how to say “pretty man” in addition to “pretty boy.” Y’all’re welcome.)

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The Royal Tutor – Episode 5: “Assailed by the Greatest of Trials”

One torte, two torte, red torte, blue torte.

The King of Glanzreich (a.k.a. Viktor) (a.k.a. The God of War) (a.k.a. Dad) returns to the palace to check up on his boys, but our Proud Papa isn’t all teary eyes and hair ruffles. He’s not just here as a father, but as a king appraising his heirs–and a certain someone’s abysmal test score has put him right in the cross hairs. Now poor Leo has to go from zero to 60 points in three days or lose his right to the throne. Even worse: His dad is going to be Very Disappointed in him.

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The Royal Tutor – Episode 4: “The Princes Go To Town”

To market, to market, to buy a fat book.

Heine organizes a field trip into the city of Wiener (I know, I giggled too) so the princes can see how the common folk live firsthand. With their tutor as their guide, the boys follow their hearts and stomachs to new joys and troubles, learn a few lessons along the way, and even fit in some time for a pair of good deeds. I told you they were good boys.

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The Royal Tutor: Episodes 2-3

Please take your seats, class. The weekly posts will now begin.

From a bouquet of impressive sequels and promising new series, I have plucked a silly, warmhearted comedy about teachers, students, and the gap between appearances and reality to cover weekly for Anime Evo this season. Hey, it can’t all be intense, analysis-heavy rakugo performersmagical girls, and gangsters, y’know! Sometimes a gal’s gotta giggle about her precious trash boys, too.

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