The Royal Tutor – Episode 5: “Assailed by the Greatest of Trials”

One torte, two torte, red torte, blue torte.

The King of Glanzreich (a.k.a. Viktor) (a.k.a. The God of War) (a.k.a. Dad) returns to the palace to check up on his boys, but our Proud Papa isn’t all teary eyes and hair ruffles. He’s not just here as a father, but as a king appraising his heirs–and a certain someone’s abysmal test score has put him right in the cross hairs. Now poor Leo has to go from zero to 60 points in three days or lose his right to the throne. Even worse: His dad is going to be Very Disappointed in him.

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One thought on “The Royal Tutor – Episode 5: “Assailed by the Greatest of Trials”

  1. I knew from the vibes of this show, that Viktor was never going to be a terrifying, emotional distant father, but damn, I liked that ‘No dad, not in PUBLIC, please!’ twist

    I really love the show for allowing the good boys be teenagers and although not everyone loves the term subversive, this show feels so. All the boys are super silly, but also clearly caring, expressive in their emotions, none of them plays the Many Man, nor are they encouraged to be so.

    I’m very confused about how age works here too haha. Viktor looks more like the age of his eldest son or something haha. I’ve translated Glanzreich more as Shining, Glorious or Brilliant Kingdom (my German isn’t what it used to be -.-) but I like your Glittering Kingdom more, super fitting here haha.

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