Site Update: Tip Jar & Beach Week

I mentioned this in my Royal Tutor post the other day, but for those who missed it: I’m on my way to Florida for sun, sand, and fruity drinks with li’l umbrellas in them! This means no Royal Tutor commentary this week (I’ll roll episodes 10-11 into a single post), although I do have an article submitted to another site so there’s a chance it’ll go up while I’m gone. Either way, I have some Tumblr goodies in the queue to keep you entertained, and I’m sure you’ll see me on Twitter in between naps, too.

In the meantime, a little announcement: I’ve finally joined the ranks of those no-account panhandling creatives and set up a Tip Jar! If you like the work I do–whether it’s the episode commentaries, the seasonal check-ins, or just those High Quality and Insightful Tweets–and can spare a few bucks, I’d love it if you’d consider tossing ’em my way!

But first, a few details and some anticipated FAQs:

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Site Update: Reader Poll & Holiday


If you’ve been reading my 91 Days or orange posts then you already know this, but I’m off for a week-long holiday in London Town! I’m taking a break from writing, too, although I do have some Tumblr reblogs scheduled every couple days to keep you lovely readers entertained.

Knowing me, I’ll also keep chatting away on Twitter, so you’re welcome to follow me there for High Quality Content and UK shenanigans.

Me and England frolicking probably

Me and England frolicking, probably.

Also, I figured I’d take this time to let everyone weigh in on a blogging question I had. Details below the jump!

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Site Update: Reader Poll and Vacay


Those of you who read my Sailor Moon or Noragami post this week already know this, but Station Management (read: my own stubborn work ethic) accepted my time off request, so I’m taking my very first blogging break! There won’t be any WordPress posts for a solid week, although I do still have some goodies queued up on the ol’ Tumblr to keep you entertained.

While I’m out, I figured I’d take this downtime to talk about something I’ve been considering for a while, and give everyone a chance to weigh in.

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