Site Update: Reader Poll & Holiday


If you’ve been reading my 91 Days or orange posts then you already know this, but I’m off for a week-long holiday in London Town! I’m taking a break from writing, too, although I do have some Tumblr reblogs scheduled every couple days to keep you lovely readers entertained.

Knowing me, I’ll also keep chatting away on Twitter, so you’re welcome to follow me there for High Quality Content and UK shenanigans.

Me and England frolicking probably

Me and England frolicking, probably.

Also, I figured I’d take this time to let everyone weigh in on a blogging question I had. Details below the jump!

As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve been doing more writing outside of JND, which has led to a lot of posts that are just opening paragraphs and links to other web sites. Assuming folks keep accepting my pitches, this will likely be the norm from now on. While I do eventually copy the full episode posts from Anime Evo onto my own site, the writing I’m doing for TMS and MAL (and others? maybe? someday?) will only be hosted on their sites from now on.

There doesn’t seem to be any particular posting etiquette for this, so I figured I’d check with you all. Is it annoying to see these linked articles posted here? Would you rather I just share them on Twitter and Tumblr and keep them off JND itself? Or do you like being able to come here and find all my work in one place? Please let me know your thoughts!


Welp, I’m off to get lost in museums and drink way too much cider (possibly not in that order). Thanks as always for your support, and I’ll chat with you again when I get back!


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