Podcast: Fall 2019 Wrap-Up

Dream a little dream of ani-me…

The two protagonists of Outburst Dreamer Boys stand back to back, Mizuki holding a sword and looking determined.

Vrai, Peter, and I look back at the Fall 2019 season. Join us as we sing the praises of surprise favorite Outburst Dreamer Boys, rejoice in finding some good isekai for once, and lament the tragic half-a-show that was Stars Align.

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Glancing Upstream: Fall 2019 Retrospective Digest

Ascendance of a Very Short Rec List.

Main tosses confetti on the Head Priest

2019 finishes out the year by continuing its trend of “quality over quantity.” There were precious few shows we wanted to gush about this time around, but the ones we liked, we really liked. Join us for bookworms, dreamer boys, and tennis lads, won’t you?

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Rule of Three Review: Fall 2019 Anime Digest

2019 has been a high-on-quality, low-on-quantity sort of year, but don’t worry: Fall’s extensive array of titles shows is well on its way to making up for lost time.

Juuzo and Mary stand in a doorway. Juuzo is smoking; Mary looks annoyed.

The AniFem gang got together to take a second look at the parade of new fall shows! I joined in the discussion to lay out my affection for the pulpy NO GUNS LIFE, my lukewarm feelings on Special 7, and my wholehearted enthusiasm for Outburst Dreamer Boys.

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Panning the Stream: Fall 2019 Premiere Digest

Maybe it’s called “Fall” ’cause you watch anime until you collapse.

A teen boy holds a magnifying glass up to his eye and says "Your power level's pretty amazing!"

The Fall 2019 season is jam-packed with new series, which means I watched a small mountain of premieres. Some soared, some wobbled, and some fell flat on their faces. And I’m here to tell you all about it… in a paragraph or less.

But hey, don’t worry! If you’d like to hear more in-depth thoughts from my teammates and me, I’ve also linked to the full premiere reviews over at AniFem. Hit the jump for hot takes and hotlinks alike.

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