Podcast: Fushigi Yugi Watchalong – OVAs (Part 1 of 2)

We discoursed so hard it couldn’t be contained by a single podcast!

A shouting redhead holds a comically wide-eyed child upside down by its feet. To one side, a monk with flyaway bangs holds his staff like a baseball bat, and to the other a young man in modern-day clothes sits on a chair, one hand raised to his mouth in shock. Everyone else is wearing traditional Chinese clothing.

The multi-part Fushigi Yugi watchalong continues with a pair of bonus episodes covering the OVAs! Here in Part 1, we talked about Oni 1 and half of Oni 2. There’s a lot about these episodes that I really like, but woof, is there a lot that I hate, too.

Highlights include: Studio Pierrot’s drunken fanfic, Hotohori’s absurd-yet-emotional homecoming, and a Tasuki episode so unpleasant even I got angry about it.

Click here to view the show notes and download the SoundCloud file, or find it on iTunes and Stitcher by searching for “Chatty AF.”

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