91 Days – Episode 8: “Behind the Curtain”

Corteo makes it rain in more ways than one this week.

91 Days 8 (26)

It’s another episode of dense scheming and counter-scheming here on 91 Days, but as with recent weeks, the plot is a means to an end, less about what happens and more about how our main characters (re)act and what that tells us about them. Which isn’t to say that what happens isn’t well-paced, tightly narrated, sharply directed, and ridiculously tense–because h’oh man, is it ever. The sheer number of times I shouted at my monitor during “Behind the Curtain” is ample evidence of that.

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2 thoughts on “91 Days – Episode 8: “Behind the Curtain”

  1. I would’ve happily bet on Corteo being done in by everyone’s least favourite psychopath this episode too, but man did 91 Days seem to take a dark pleasure in proving me (dead) wrong. I feel pretty sorry for Corteo right now – even if I happen to be nursing one or two tinfoil-hat theories myself regarding his character – but I gotta be honest, I’m also glad that Fango’s finally out of the picture.


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