How Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE’s 2nd Season Struck Comedy Gold

Dumb chats, silly spats, and the absurdity of adolescence.

Boueibu 8 (4)

MyAnimeList hired me as a feature writer, and I promptly used my new power to write an essay-length article about magical boys. 13-Year-Old Me is giving Present-Day Me so many high-fives right now.

Click here for the full article on MAL!

5 thoughts on “How Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE’s 2nd Season Struck Comedy Gold

  1. Congrats! :)

    I dropped this show in its first season because I didn’t have the time and, despite its amazing sense of humour, I wasn’t sure where it was going… But now it looks like I have a good excuse to revisit it.

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  2. Great article, I agreed with all of it. I came to the show for Magical Boys but stayed for the humor and the way more true-to-life depiction of high school than we get in the majority of Anime that wax and bank on nostalgic feelings that always come off manufactured to me.

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    • It is refreshing, isn’t it? I came into the article with the central concept “Boueibu is doing a very good job of humorously depicting high school life,” but the whole “Boueibu is mocking anime’s romanticization of high school” angle was one of those things I only realized as I was writing the article. One of the fun things about writing these pieces are the things you discover along the way~

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