91 Days – Episode 5: “Blood Will Have Blood”

The best-laid plans of mobs and men…

91 Days 5 (38)

Happy to prove that it can keep balancing tangled gangster intrigue with character-focused drama, 91 Days returns us to Lawless and pours a potful of plot (a plotful?) all over us. Statuses shift, allegiances realign, and just about everyone tries to put one over on somebody else. And you thought your family was complicated.

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2 thoughts on “91 Days – Episode 5: “Blood Will Have Blood”

  1. That’s probably where I’m struggling with the series. I’m not remembering who is aligned with who in the first place so this episode had me asking what quite a number of times before I could recall the crucial information I needed to make sense of it all. This is probably my fault for not paying enough attention in the first place, but I really think I’m not invested enough in the show to have memorised all the character names and who is in which family.


    • I love it when a story’s packed with shifting individual and family dynamics and encourages me to untangle them (it’s one of the reasons I was drawn to Baccano and Game of Thrones). Makes me feel like I’m actively participating in the story, to an extent. That said, I could totally see how all the names and allegiances could be confusing and make it harder to enjoy the series if that’s not something you’re already into.

      The good news is I’m here to help you keep track of everyone! ^_^ Also, I don’t think 91 Days‘ central story hinges on knowing every single family’s allies and goals. I think as long as you know where Angelo and Nero are in the story, both in terms of their personal arcs and their relationship to each other, the rest can wait to be better understood during a rewatch.


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