Site Update: Follow Me on MAL and Twitter!

Extra, extra, extra! I’ve got some announcements for you!

One! I’m on My Anime List now, so feel free to find and friend me. Username: itsthedee

Two! I created a Twitter account specifically for JND, and I’d be just tickled pink if you decided to follow me. Handle: @joseinextdoor

Three Times a Josei! I’m flying out to LeakyCon tomorrow for a whirlwind week of nerdiness, so I won’t be terribly active this week, and some of my usual posts may go up a bit late. I’m still planning on posting the Sailor Moon Newbie Review tomorrow (though it might be a bit shorter than usual – tonight is also packing night!), and I have an #OutOfContextAnime and a Quote of the Week scheduled to go on Wednesday and Sunday, respectively, but anything else will be a happy bonus. I suspect my Korra Review won’t go out until Sunday, too.

On the plus side, all that flying should give me ample time to work on that Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun article I’ve been pecking at for the past week (seriously, that show is so damn good), so I should have that ready to go before too long.

Thanks for your patience, and have a lovely last week of July!

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