Snow White with the Red Hair – Episode 21: “When I’m With You…”

Nothing like a quiet night in. …Right?


The gang takes refuge from a rainstorm to spend an incognito evening together, but what looks to be another comfy episode turns into a busy blast from the past. A new character arrives with a job offer in hand, and Obi takes center stage to show that, while you may not be able to erase your footprints, you can still choose to take a different path going forward. Prepare your heart for imminent warming.

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My Love Story!! – Episode 21: “The Letter and Me”

That “my” in the title is shifting again.


A new character joins the cast, possibly permanently (or as “permanent” as we can get with four episodes left, anyway), and she is… not boring, that’s for damn sure. As with most of OreMono’s story arcs, this one sets us up with a seemingly familiar character and story—the shy student watching their crush from afar—with a few key twists and acknowledgments along the way. I learned my lesson during the Mariya arc, so I’ll withhold any major judgments until we see more of this story play out. For now, though, let’s meet the new kid in town, and see how she interacts with and affects our (love) story.

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