Snow White with the Red Hair – Episode 16: “The Name of That Step is Change”

Being popular isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.


Shirayuki finds herself at the center of a storm both political and martial this week, as various story lines converge and new ones begin to take shape. Princes in the ball room, kidnappers in the hall, and unwanted ships and ‘ships looming just out of sight. So much for my “sleepy little slice-of-life fairy tale” synopsis.

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My Love Story!! – Episode 16: “My Disciple”

At this point, My Love Story isn’t just setting the bar for rom-com excellence—it’s beating its own darn records.


About halfway through this episode, when Takeo was agonizing over how he could get Yamato to understand she didn’t need to worry about him leaving her for someone else, I scribbled in my notes: “Takeo’s problem is he keeps talking about how people feel toward HIM rather than how HE feels toward Yamato.” It’s the kind of thought I’d usually have about a rom-com that would either never get addressed in-series, or get addressed indirectly 5-10 episodes down the line after Such Drama, Very Tears.

OreMono, though? OreMono tackles it head-on within 22 beautiful minutes.

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