Snow White with the Red Hair – Episode 15: “Indecision Caused by Confusion”

Good thing Snow White has a better sense of direction than Prince Raj does.Screenshot_2016-01-25-12-30-29

There’s an alternate universe where this is a terrible episode of anime, where Raj is an insufferable prig who tears at the comfy sweetness of Snow White like a cheese grater. Fortunately for us, we live in a universe with BONES animators and Fukuyama Jun, who know how to ride the fine line between annoying and hilarious with sympathy and wit. So, while this might not have been the most graceful or subtle of episodes, it still wound up being a pretty entertaining one. Sometimes it’s nice to live in this universe, doncha think?

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My Love Story!! – Episode 15: “My Girlfriend”

The Takeo Fan Club really ought to have its own membership cards at this point.


Yep, our protagonist gets a new admirer this week thanks to the school’s sports festival! After the 300m runner in the co-ed Swedish relay (which we learn all about thanks to Suna’s smart phone) sprains her ankle during practice, the class has to pick one of its less-than-stellar athletes to take her place, which is how we (and Takeo) get to know Saijou Mariya.

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