Snow White with the Red Hair – Episode 14: “Eyes That Protect”

Parting is such sweet sorrow.


Change and movement continue to characterize this second season, as Shirayuki hits the road and has an awkward homecoming—but not before last week’s plans can see one major adjustment.

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My Love Story!! – Episode 14: “My Jinx”

MM Land: The happiest place on earth?


Okay, maybe not, but it does have a certain magic to it, existing in a world slightly removed from our own—much like My Love Story itself, perhaps. That’s the theme running through this episode, from Oda’s encouragement that Ai try on a goofy hat because she’s taking a break from “reality” to Suna explaining that jinxes aren’t about magic but hard facts, as it’s “more common for relationships to not work out.”

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