Panning the Stream: TERRAFORMARS, DENKI-GAI, Tribe Cool Crew

In which the Josei watches everything, so you don’t have to.


After spending much of the last week putting together that massive Summer Review post, I get to take all of a five-minute breather before launching into the Fall season. Who’s ready for this madness?!

I will be doing things a little differently this season. In order to get these posted in a timely manner, I’ll only be writing full “Meet ‘n’ Greets” for the series that made me want to watch more episodes. I’ll touch on the others and why I dropped them, but I won’t bother to give the full run-down on the studio, where it’s streaming, and so on. (And yes, I still only review licensed series, because for all its flaws I love the anime industry and want to support it in whatever small monetary way I can.)

So let’s dive into that stream and see if we can hunt down any gold nuggets, starting with our first trio of the season…

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