AniFem’s Top Picks of 2019

The end of a decade and the end(?) of a JND tradition.

The three protagonists of Sarazanmai look off into the distance, smiling slightly

For the first time in the blog’s history, I didn’t write a Top 10 list for the year. Compiling and editing all those AniFem recommendations lists took all my time and energy, and there was just nothing left in the tank by the time I was done.

That said, I did join the rest of the AniFem staff in compiling our “Best of 2019” list, so you can see all the shows I enjoyed over there! I even managed to sneak Pokemon: Sun & Moon onto the list! So while I’m a bit sad I wasn’t able to make my own list, you should absolutely click here to check out the AniFem Recommendations for 2019!

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