AniFem’s Top Picks of the 2010s

Should auld anime be forgot and never brought to mind~

Shin leans over Bon's shoulder, grinning, and says "We're so popular."

To celebrate the end of the 2010s, I got together with my fellow AniFem staffers to pick our favorites from the last 10 years. In a process that involved surprisingly little arguing thanks to my teammates having (mostly) great taste, we put together two lists:

  • Top 25 of the Decade: Participating staffers wrote up a list of 20 shows, then we tallied the votes and organized the series based on total number of picks and whether they made anybody’s Top Five. The end result is a mighty fine list of anime, if I do say so myself.
  • Bonus Picks of the Decade: Participating staffers picked five bonus series to highlight, that way we could each give a little love to our under-the-radar darlings and guilty pleasures. (Did I suggest this bonus list because I was sad that Snow White with the Red Hair didn’t make the Top 25? Why yes. Yes, I did.)

Happy reading, and I hope these lists can help you find some hidden gems you may have missed, too!

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