Rule of Three Review: Spring 2019 Anime Digest

So far, this season has been all about quality over quantity.

My teammates and I got together to take a look at the new series. Join me as I take a stab at reviewing Sarazanmai after three episodes (hah!), kindly asked Demon Slayer for more Nezuko, and definitely fail to explain Fairy Gone‘s early, messy appeal.

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2 thoughts on “Rule of Three Review: Spring 2019 Anime Digest

  1. I’d be curious if you think Demon Slayer has recovered from it’s stumble? That and Saranzanmai are all I really kept with, and I am enjoying both. :)


    • Oops, didn’t see this until just now.

      I dropped Demon Slayer around the 6-episode mark. I didn’t care for the way they were handling Nezuko and the story wasn’t gripping me especially hard, so I tapped out. Just wasn’t for me, I s’pose.


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