Panning the Stream: Fall 2018 Premiere Digest

‘Round and ’round the seasons go, what we’ll watch, nobody knows…

A group of young men sit around a low table in a messy, Japanese-style living space, drinking and eating. One says "Let's aim for the top together!"

My early October was packed with travel, which lightened my premiere load significantly. You can click here for the full digest on AniFem, which includes links to every review. The handful of reviews I wrote are listed below for ease of access:

  • Boarding School Juliet (Episode 1): Awesome lead, cute couple, potential for a progressive story about smashing sexist systems… and it’s hamstrung by anime bullshit. Le sigh.
  • Hinomaru Sumo (Episode 1): Straightforward shounen about high school sumo wrestlers. Not my bag, but totally fine.
  • Karakuri Circus (Episode 1): I can’t believe they made puppet fights boring. HOW.
  • Radiant (Episode 1): Pretty by-the-book European-style fantasy series, but it looks pretty and  Alma is awesome.

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