Podcast: Ouran High School Host Club Watchalong – Episodes 14-20

Refreshing Points for everyone! (Except you, Lobelia Episode. You go sit in the corner.)

An Ouran high School Host Club screenshot. Haruhi, Tamaki, and Honey look shocked while Mori and Kyoya stand slightly behind them, expressionless.

Part 3 of the 4-part watchalong of Ouran High School Host Club with Amelia, Alexis, Isaac, and me!

The show is all over the map in this stretch, both in terms of locale and quality, as we travel through cute B&Bs, surprise department stores, touching flashbacks, and…siiiiigh. Lobelia Academy again. But hey, at least I got to spend some time gushing about the good good relationship developing between Haruhi and Kyoya!

Click here to view the show notes and download the SoundCloud file, or find it on iTunes and Stitcher by searching for “Chatty AF.”

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One thought on “Podcast: Ouran High School Host Club Watchalong – Episodes 14-20

  1. Another very enjoyable podcast, thank you for sharing!

    I always read the Lobelia girls and their fans at the school as primarily a joke about the Takarazuka Revue and that general fandom, than about rampant lesbianism – though I can certainly see how it’s a really problematic theme/episode regardless. The focus on over-the-top theatrics, overdone make-up, the way the other students have organized themselves into a strictly organized and almost militant fan clubs, is straight out of real life (exaggerated, sure, but still very recognizable) Takarazuka Revue material.

    My goodness though, I adore that Kyouya mall episode! Even after all these years, I think it’s still probably my favourite episode of the entire series.


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