Panning the Stream: Spring 2018 Premiere Digest

The good, the bad, and the kitties.

A teen boy in a school uniform holds an umbrella, looking unphased. Behind him, a teen girl holding a cat looks at him in admiration, sparkling light bursting around her.

It’s that time of quarter-year again! I got together with fellow AniFem staffers Caitlin and Vrai to review all the premieres for Anime Feminist and help readers find some diamonds in the rough. This was the first season in… gosh, three years?… where I didn’t watch every single premiere, as I trusted my fellow reviewers to help me avoid the real stinkers.

I’ve listed my own reviews below in order of “fave” to “least fave” (somehow I didn’t get assigned any of the really heinous ones this time around) for your perusal. And can also click here for the full digest on AniFem, which includes links to every review!

  • HINAMATSURI: A silly and surprisingly sweet take on the “supernatural girl adopted by unlikely father-figure” subgenre, this one came out of nowhere to be my favorite premiere of the season.
  • Yotsuiro Biyori: a.k.a. Laid-Back Cafe, this is the season’s cozy blanket series. I loved it.
  • Tada Never Falls in Love: Yamazaki Mitsue’s directorial debut is a bit of a mixed bag tonally, but there are good gags, good cats, and the potential for a solid school story, so I’m still hyped.
  • Cute High Earth Defense Club HAPPY KISS!: If you’ve been following me these past few years, you know how much I enjoy this goofball magical boy parody show. Happy Kiss is more of the same, and I’m A-OK with that.
  • Libra of Nil Admirari: An otome VN adaptation with a rad premise and a protagonist who wants to focus on taking more control of her life, but it’s bit, er, lacking in the charm department.
  • GeGeGe no Kitaro: A family-friendly remake of an old classic that’s pretty darn clever with its social commentary. There wasn’t quite enough here to get me to come back, but I still enjoyed it well enough.
  • MAJOR 2nd: This baseball series writes its female characters so well I wound up disappointed that they weren’t the stars of the series.
  • Gurazeni: Money Pitch: The Other Baseball Show, this one focusing on a professional player’s financial concerns and future goals. Refreshing in its uniqueness, but nothing I’m dying to watch again.

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