My Fave is Problematic: Fushigi Yugi

A little battered, but still beloved.

A dirty, scuffed photo of a group of eight people in two rows. The top row features four people in China-inspired fantasy clothing: A feminine person, a tall man, a grinning redhead, and a smiling monk. The bottom row features another four people: Two young men, a boy, and a teen girl flashing a "victory" sign. Everyone but the girl is wearing China-inspired fantasy clothes, while the girl is wearing a school uniform. The photo is held in someone's hands.

As a companion piece to the recent Chatty AF Fushigi Yugi watchalong podcasts, I spent some time (and lots of words) sorting through fifteen years’ worth of feelings on the messy, sincere, flawed, emotional shoujo fantasy that’s been a part of my life since middle school.

Click here for the full post on Anime Feminist!


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