Podcast: Fushigi Yugi Watchalong – Episodes 35-40

Welcome to the badlands, folks.

A close up of four people and a cat looking exhausted and annoyed. The people are a man wearing two headbands around his head, a young man with fluffy hair and a jacket, a man with flyaway bangs, and a boy with a tall ponytail

Part 6 of the Fushigi Yugi watchalong with Vrai, Caitlin, and me! This week we find ourselves in a desert both literal and figurative, as the series subjects us to a repetitive, joyless hell where our only escapes are headcanon AUs, visual novel tangents, and Riff Raff impersonations. Grab some margaritas, ’cause you know we got the salt (…and some of the margaritas, too), and we’ll all get through this wasteland together.

Highlights(?) include: The episode that won’t end, the hole that keeps on giving, and the ensemble cast that time forgot. Content warning for depictions of attempted rape and sexual assault. (Like, a ludicrous amount of it.)

Click here to view the show notes and download the SoundCloud file, or find it on iTunes and Stitcher by searching for “Chatty AF.”

Did you know? Have you heard? The Josei Next Door has a tip jar!

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