AniFem Digest: Con Reports & Corner Reviews

It’s an Otakon Weekend one-two punch!

A girl in a kimono closes one eye and holds out a piece of charcoal, like an artist imagining a snapshot

I attended the Otakon anime convention in Washington, D.C. a couple weekends ago, and then spent the next few days writing about it for AniFem! Three posts in one week! Ain’t I just busy as a bee?

These are AniFem staff articles, meaning we all pitched in a few paragraphs (and then some, because PSHAW, WORD COUNTS) to give our readers plenty of perspectives. I hope you enjoy both my thoughts as well as those of my other awesome teammates!

  • [Review] In This Corner of the World: We had the honor of not only seeing a special screening of the film, but also listening to producer Maruyama and animation director Matsubara talk about it afterwards! I really liked this one, so naturally I spent lots of words discussing its focus on feminine perspectives, “ordinary” strength, and why this story matters now maybe more than ever.

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