91 Days – Episode 9: “Black and Deep Desires”

Clock’s ticking.


For an episode that’s packed with big changes, this feels like the calm before the storm, giving our two main characters a chance to breathe, think, and chat in a way they haven’t in while. The moral ambiguity and tension are thick as ever (as 91 Days‘s beloved canted angles will attest), but there’s very much the sense that we’re moving into the final act of our bloody tale. Fitting, really, given that the Vanetti’s new playhouse is about to raise its curtains for the first time.

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One thought on “91 Days – Episode 9: “Black and Deep Desires”

  1. I always just assumed Angelo’s going to such great lengths to avoid killing Nero for now because, in a perverse kind of way, he’s saving what he sees as the best (or at least most important) for last. I could be completely off base of course, but I think Angelo views Nero as the final domino, and if it doesn’t topple last then true revenge will be forever denied him.


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