91 Days – Episode 7: “A Poor Player”

All in the family…

91 Days 7 (8)

91 Days outdid itself this week, zeroing in on the Vanetti siblings in an episode packed to the rafters with layered characters, conflicts political and personal, and a tense, rapidfire chess match of scheming from the shadows. Most impressive of all? About half of it happens outside of the dialogue, through subtle (re)actions or off-screen entirely, leaving us with a snapshot of our cast that’s both dense and loaded with uncertainty.

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3 thoughts on “91 Days – Episode 7: “A Poor Player”

  1. Oh man, what a great episode! Maybe not the very best of the series so far (because it’d take a LOT to outdo that road trip ep), but it came pretty close. And even as I felt sorry for some of the characters on the end of those strings, I couldn’t help but be impressed by the one pulling them. I wasn’t totally convinced before this that Angelo was capable of orchestrating everything so that he’d come out on top at the very end of it all (there’s no doubt he’s clever, but possibly not quite as clever as he thinks he is?), but I am now.

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    • The road trip episode is still my *favorite* episode BY FAR, but I think this might have been the *best* one in terms of how much work it did in terms of character development and mood-building.

      Watching Angelo go from fumbling his way through schemes to being terrifyingly good at them has been a fascinating little bit of character “growth.” He’s definitely learned from his earlier mistakes, and he’s learning *fast*, and he’s becoming frighteningly ruthless about it, too.

      What made me so sad about this episode is that I’d still (naively) nursed this hope that Angelo and Nero could somehow reconcile, but “I made you kill your little brother” feels very much like a point of no return. :(


      • Yeah, it definitely seems like this series is going for the more tragedy-style route at this point. Which, now that I think about it, the show does have one or two Shakespearean elements to it, this episode in particular. I get the distinct feeling that even if everything works out exactly according to plan for Angelo, he’s a) going to sacrifice way too much in getting there and b) not going to wind up happy regardless. I don’t think anyone will.


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