Noragami Aragoto – Episode 7: “How to Worship a God”

Noragami makes it rain in more ways than one this week.


It’s a quiet week by recent standards, one-part Bishamon epilogue and one-part (I assume) prologue for the next arc, with a little Delivery God mission tucked up in the center. The series gets to stretch its comedy muscles and remind us that it’s just as good at humor as it is at action and drama, but if you thought that meant they were going to let our feelings breathe after the emotional rollercoaster of the past few weeks, boy howdy, do you have another thing comin’.

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One thought on “Noragami Aragoto – Episode 7: “How to Worship a God”

  1. The ending of this episode just destroyed me (in a good way). I especially liked your point here about how long-form fiction enables these kinds of moments to really resonate. All this time, through both comedy and drama, we’ve come to see how the lack of a shrine affects Yato, and so we’re likewise enabled to feeling the significance of this moment for me because of just how much we know it means to him.

    It was wonderful indeed. ^_^

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