“Build Your Anime Blog” Hits Digital Shelves Today!

Ever wanted an inside look into the hows, whys, and wherefores of aniblogging? Well, Lauren Orsini of Otaku Journalist has just released a brand-spanking new book, Build Your Anime Blog, which explores the process from creation to maintenance to (hopefully) Interweb sensation. It also includes interviews with eleven hardworking, long-time anibloggers and one tenderfoot upstart.

And yes, the upstart is me.

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s the Otaku Journalist herself to give you the skinny:

For a friendly welcome into anime fandom, Josei Next Door is your guide to this Japanimation thing all your friends are talking about.Less than a year old, Dee’s blog is certainly the youngest featured in this book, but it’s already made a splash. It was one of the most popular suggestions when I polled my readers on which blogs to include in my book. Perhaps it’s Dee’s accessible style of writing. The opposite of elite, she takes readers by the hand and even offers an Anime 101 section.

Dee and I chatted about making room for blogging, balancing your blog schedule with your life, and some of the ways we can all make the anime community more accessible to everyone.

In Build Your Anime Blog: How to Get Started, Stand Out, and Make Money Writing About What You Love, my interview with Dee is one of twelve interviews with successful anime bloggers about launching a blog, keeping it up, and everything in between. It’s a book designed to give you both the tools and motivation to start an anime blog of your own.

Build Your Anime Blog is available in the Kindle store today for $5.99. That doesn’t mean you need a Kindle to read it, just the Kindle app for your tablet or phone. If you like Josei Next Door and you’re wondering how it—and a dozen other anime blogs—run day to day, this is your opportunity for a look behind the curtain.

All kidding aside, I am beyond excited to be a part of this project, and incredibly humbled and grateful to those who voted to make me a part of this awesome interview list. It’s been an exciting and challenging almost-year of blogging for me, and the support I’ve received has been a huge help in keeping me motivated. So thanks, gang!

And of course major thanks to Lauren for deciding to make me a part of this, and for putting this massive project together in the first place. We chatted! She’s cool! You should totally be reading her stuff if you aren’t already! Hey, why not start with this new book she’s got out? I hear there are some other pretty cool people in it, too.


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