The Sensei Next Door: Local Lingo Edition

Every once in a while I’ll introduce you to some “local” otaku terminology, as I’m going to be using them in my posts and it’s probably a good idea that you know what they mean. These aren’t officially part of the anime lexicon, but I kinda think they should be. ^_^

And, since I’ve been talking about this in a few posts this past week, I should probably explain it:


proper noun.
Shorthand for the anime series Samurai Flamenco, which spent 6.75 episodes as a series about people trying to be superheroes in the “real world,” and then suddenly became a show populated with actual supervillains, robot monsters, and doomsday devices.

Personally, the series’ sudden shift to frenetic absurdity didn’t work for me at all (I actually dropped it at Episode 13 and am still kind of upset about it). Others thought it made the show more entertaining. The point is, the first 6.75 episodes were a VERY different beast from what followed.

verb. (slang)
When a show starts as one thing and then suddenly and inexplicably becomes something else. Mind you, this is no gradual process – a Flamenco is a “blink and you miss it” situation, when a series pulls a 180 so fast that it gives you story whiplash. Whether that’s a good thing or not is up to the story – and the viewer, of course.

Uses: This term works as a noun with a verb (“pulling a Flamenco”) or as a straight verb (“unless this show Flamencoes, it should be really good”). Alternate versions include “Flamencoing out,” “Going full Flamenco,” or whatever else your little heart desires. Yay language!

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