Beat the Heat, Soak in the Stream: Seven Shows to Marathon This Summer (Day Two)

Shifting gears a bit, we move from bicycles to motorcycles as the Seven Days of Summer continues with:



The Wind-Up…

Studio: Brain’s Base
Based On: The light novels by Ryohgo Narita (Baccano!)
Available On: CrunchyrollHulu (subs only)
Episode Count: 26

In a Sentence: A diverse cast populates this fantastical reimagining of Ikebukuro, where headless riders roam the streets, color gangs vie for power, and no one is who they say they are.

Here There Be: Urban fantasy, twisty mysteries, bizarre romances, and a badass lady dullahan on a motorcycle.

…And the Pitch!

Set in a world of anonymous gangs, fractured memories, “information brokering,” and online personas, Durarara!! is the story of identities – the ones we create, the ones we hide, and the ones we are still trying to understand.

While high schooler Ryuugamine Mikado is set up as the MC, the show is really a massive ensemble (fortunately the opening theme is kind enough to remind you of everyone’s names before each episode), and its story arcs develop largely out of the interactions between these many characters as their individual quests bring them into contact with one another.

I find (most of) those characters endlessly fascinating, and watching them collide (both IRL and online) as they struggle to unlock both the “I” and “you” of their lives – to find “connections,” as Mikado says – makes for a great sequence of stories.

It’s also really, effortlessly, just incredibly damned cool. Headless riders, mad scientists, guys throwing vending machines, a gang called the “Dollars,” and a red-eyed katana-wielder stalking the back streets? Now, c’mon. Tell me that doesn’t sound like fun.

Why This Summer?

Studio Shuka recently announced that a second season is in the works, and while no release date has been announced, now seems like the perfect time to acquaint (or reacquaint) yourself with the world of Ikebukuro and the many personalities that live there.

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