Podcast: Fushigi Yugi Watchalong – Episodes 8-14

My boys are back in town!

A chibi man with flyaway bangs wearing a tunic and prayer beads smiles wide and pulls off a mask that looks identical to his current smiling face. Next to him, a girl in a modern school uniform watches with bugged-out eyes, sweatdropping.

It’s Part 2 of the Fushigi Yugi watchalong with Vrai, Caitlin, and yours truly! This week, the series hits its stride as an engaging fantasy adventure and tackles some difficult topics, with… mixed results. Highlights include: Questionable decisions from teenagers, the introduction of my favorite anime character in the history of anime characters, and a pair of trash banditz I wasted years of my life not ‘shipping together.

Click here to view the show notes and download the SoundCloud file, or find it on iTunes and Stitcher by searching for “Chatty AF.”

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Podcast: Fushigi Yugi Watchalong – Episodes 1-7

I have been training FIFTEEN YEARS for this day.

A smiling brunette girl wearing a party hat and a school uniform holds up both hands in a "V" shape. Behind her is confetti and another image of the same girl, this time holding a long scroll with kanji on it.

Now that I’m recording Chatty AF podcasts on the regular,  I figured it made sense to host the links to those here on JND as well. This seems like the perfect place to start, as I am ridiculously excited for this new project.

I got together with Caitlin of I Have a Heroine Problem and Vrai of Fashionable Tinfoil Accessories to record a “newbie friendly” multi-part podcast series on an old problematic fav. Fushigi Yugi is very near and dear to my heart, and getting together with two of my favorite AniFriends to revisit and discuss it from a feminist perspective has been a super fun, supremely fascinating, and surprisingly emotional experience. I hope you’ll flip the page and join us on our ’90s isekai adventure!

To kick things off, the three of us take a trip down FY memory lane. Surprise! Everybody still loves Nuriko. Miaka and Tamahome have aged better than expected. Hotohori, though? Not so much.

You can click here to view the show notes and download the SoundCloud file, or find it on iTunes and Stitcher by searching for “Chatty AF.”

(Oh–and if you’re interested in my backlog, you can find the full list of episodes I’ve been involved in on my new Podcasts page. Happy listening!)

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Review: Welcome to Night Vale – “Ghost Stories”

My big ol’ nerd umbrella expands to cover podcasts with my review of the latest Night Vale live show.


I’m fairly new to the town of Night Vale (feel free to greet me with a friendly “Interloperrrr!” if you’d like). Utena Watch Party cohort and online buddy Vrai convinced me to give the show a try last August, whereupon I fell hard for its likably flawed protagonist, diverse cast, offbeat humor, and casual weirdness, blazing through the entire series in a little under two months. Since then, I’ve become a Weird Scout, picked up some sweet WTNV merch, tossed around wild theories with friends, and attended a book signing event. (But I definitely didn’t go as one part of a genderswapped Cecil/Kevin duo for Halloween or design WTNV/Utena crossover art or create a Spotify playlist in loosely chronological order so I could relive the stories of Night Vale in song form—no no, certainly not. That would be ridiculous.)

Point is, I have a lot of love for this series, so I was thrilled to finally see my first live show when “Ghost Stories” floated through Chicago in April. And with the crew gearing up for the second part of their U.S. tour in July, now seemed like a good time to let others know about it, too.

Click here for the full review at The Mary Sue!